A different kind of marketing.

Working with you

To me, a brand-customer relationship will be sustainable when it has your customers feel connected and emotionally invested in your brand. Your business holds your love and your resources, so your customer’s energy should align to that. 
That’s why I’m here to help you create beautiful connections with your kind of people.

Enabling consumers to make ethical decisions is what I stand for, so I partner with only a handful of selected, sustainable brands aiming to do their part to make this world a little better.

Our work is personal and ongoing.
Our relationship will be ongoing, and I’ll first learn what matters to you before setting up your (new or existing) website so your people can find you on Google.
You’ll get hands on examples and tips for you to connect with your customers online and offline if you desire, empowering you to take home your marketing strategy without feeling overwhelmed.


Support to choose from

SEO – The art of making your business seen on Google. 

I’ll help you speak your brand’s truth on Search Engines like Google, to give you a strong digital voice and grow your tribe, so you can make meaningful connections and keep your brand in conversation.

Your takeaways: SEO for your website, incl. website platform optimisation and layout suggestions, keyword research and content ideas shared with you to spark your creative flow.
Pricing upon request.

Content marketing & strategic content partnerships – The words and techniques to communicate your Why.

I’ll establish content strategies and if you’d like, create content pieces for your website to best describe what your brand is all about, so your tribe can feel that connection to you.

With the right touch-points to engage with your business, and creative ideas on connecting with likeminded brands across channels, we will lift your brand up into a space of attraction rather than chasing.
Think podcasts, events, newsletters, blogs or brochures. We’ll find what speaks to your brand energy.
And of course, in everything we write, I’ll help you spread the word about the good your brand does by setting you up to be found on search engines like Google.

Your takeaways: Keyword research, Content Strategy, Copy creation if desired, brand partnership strategy plans.
Pricing upon request.